Thursday, February 7, 2008

1215. This small jack was made for use on old wheels in order to make it easy to insert spoke tighteners, it's patent number 1,492,869.

The actual patent date is May 6, 1924; one indication that the date marked on this one was wrong is that May 10, 1924 was a Saturday, and most patents were issued on a Tuesday.

1216. A "moving picture film shipping case", made by the Goldberg Bros. in Denver, Colorado, patent number D108,941. It has possibly the shortest patent description that I've seen so far.

1217. A clapboard chisel, used for splitting out clapboards.

From Gil Gandenberger's collection

1218. A Japanese portable writing set called a yatate, it was meant to contain a traditional Japanese bamboo brush and the ink pot was filled with cotton or silk which held liquid sumi ink.

This item was originally posted in the "13 December" entry on this site.

1219. A Travelure, or as it's called on the the patent page: a "buoyant traveling device". From the patent:

...the device makes a steep dive in the water in the direction toward the fisherman when the fishing line is pulled or tugged, the device gliding upwardly and in the opposite direction away from the fisherman when the line is released, retreating to a greater distance beyond its initial position than the distance it was moved to cause it to dive.

It's patent number 3,401,483 , the diagram on the patent page shows it diving down one foot when the line is pulled and rising back to the surface three feet further from the fisherman, this would be useful for working the bait into difficult locations such as under a tree.

1220. A plow share holder, the plow was heated red hot in the forge, it was then held with this tool and taken to the trip hammer where it was worked to a sharp edge.

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